Thursday, February 5, 2009

Good cheap food!

That's it. I have got to lower my food budget! As always the cheapest food is closest to the ground, or closer to its source or growth. No packaging, no instructions on how to prepare and is not in bright colorful eye catching boxes in the mid level shelf at your favorite store. 

My low to the ground food products come in clear plastic bags from my favorite bulk and health supply store Azure Standard. Nevertheless, for all of us some packaged processed food slips in now and then. This is the taming I need to do. As my whole focus in the last year or so has been to go lower, going raw fits that intent but some cooked foods are OK. Such as a nice warm bowl of quinoa with raw almond milk, currants and a little raw honey. Here are healthy, nourishing foods you can always find at a good, low price consumed raw, sprouted or even cooked. 

  • No matter what store
  • No matter what season
  • No matter if you don’t clip coupons.
sweet potatoes  
can of wild Alaska salmon
natural peanut butter
  home made bread
  home ground flour
  corn meal
  brown rice
  spaghetti sauce
  sunflower seeds
  popcorn (not        microwaved)
  string cheese 
 clover seeds for  sprouting
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