Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I'm a Woman on a Mission

This Month, January, I had some steep goals. I wanted to get my house in order for some reason, any reason, if only just to be able to refocus and start moving forward with some other goals I had in mind. It's funny how unfinished tasks and disorder can weigh you down and clutter up your motivation.

Distractability must be a problem of mine as the intentional focusing needed to accomplish lofty goals doesn't come easy. But Oh, what a charge you can get when you check off another area of accomplishment, another room tidyied, another drawer done. Once things are in order, it is much easier to set up routines and maintain that order with daily and weekly chores. Spring cleaning can be addictive!

Please don't get me wrong - my house is not a complete mess. In fact I do get the occasional compliment that I keep such a lovely home. But it is not an organized home and that has always bothered me. Plus, being married to a neatie, exasperates the problem. Anything out of order drives my husband to distraction, literally.

I do love organizing and so to set up these schedules is my thing. That's fun! Doing them is another. That's work! And on top of that I am coming to terms with the lack of training I have worked in my two boys at home.

Well, OK all four of them.
My daughter in law is very gracious in mentioning that she has noticed her sweet husband's "artsy" nature as well. (Artists are messy people! Creativity is a wonderful thing but is almost a polar opposite from "neat and orderly")

And my grown daughter, well, what can I say, she really is an artist! Not much hope there.

So I have been realizing that I still have some character training to do on my myself and my children still at home.

A list for this and a list for that. What would I do without lists! They are motivating, and never ending but I could not do without one. (or two, if I cannot find the first one)

So, we are off again to assess and refocus on what is left to do and then prioritize that list and start some plans for February. Once the physical house is in order I have some spiritual and educational goals to accomplish. (Future posts brewing)

I'm a woman on a mission. Hear me roar!

"Dear Elliot" - 99 Balloon Salute

Many tears flowed when I viewed this precious video. How bittersweet this life can be, and yet knowing from whence we came and to where we go makes bitter and sad parting just a time of longing to see our precious loved ones again.

Sweet remembrances of my own sweet Jenny, born with trisomy 21 and a congenital heart defect, flood back to my memory through the tears. She was taken home after only a short year and a half of her life with us here on this earth.

I'll bet you are playing with Elliot right now! Miss you so much sweetie!