Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Accelerated Distance Learning-great possibilites

One of the vendors of the Christian Heritage Home educators of Washington conference this year was College plus, a company based on the process of earning college credits at home while still in the high school years. Being a lifestyle of learning and entrepreneurial minded proponent, I fudge a little on the whole college process. The whole system of earning credits in some else's artificial educational system rubs me the wrong way. True Education is something you earn through life, is self motivated and not something that is standardized and accredited. However, we live in the real world and if my child wanted to be an engineer or has gifts, abilities and a desire to be an astronaut, somewhere along the line that child is going to have to fit into the mainstream educational process. This book tells you how.

If you have facilitated in your child that desire to learn and he has developed the learning tools, by the time he is in his mid to late teens he may be ready to fit within an educational mold and not be too damaged by it. Ryan Yamane (a distance learning graduate)is the CEO for College Plus and his company provides educational planning to achieve some educational goals that can direct parents and teens to the least amount of time and money wasted. Many children can have a degree finished by 18 or 20 and with a small fraction of the costs and exposure to the damaging effects of today's college culture.

Even though I am a believer in teaching your child entrepreneurial skills and opportunities to earn those experiences, additional education is not wrong and if they must pass through college, this is the best way to do it. Check out this book(first)and get started in the thinking process that may well lead your child into a successful launch into life with an added bonus- a higher education early without all the garbage that goes with it and at a fraction of the cost.