Monday, July 14, 2008

Reasons for Home Schooling

Even though I prefer to call what we do "home education", homeschooling is the term most commonly understood. Also once not too long ago, homeschooling was completely unknown or a very misunderstood term. It has now become main stream, and everyone that you run across that asks you or comments on how sweet your children are ends up knowing someone who homeschools (educates) their children at home. My friend, Lisa, from my very short days in Arkansas, is a very Happy Homeschool Mom who like many of us fared the fears and pulled her children out of school. She has listed as many reasons as she could think of in 15 min as to why she spends the effort. I think Lisa's reasons are quite insighful.

Here's another really good list from reader Milehimama. I love this!

Anyone else got any really good reasons? Or good reasons why not?

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