Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Selling of Indulgences revisited-carbon credits!

I'm not much of an evening news person, in fact not much of a TV person at all. I don't even listen to the radio so when great and terrifying world wide news erupts I'm usually the last to know. News of one such worldwide news was the conversation topic at our kitchen table last night when my visiting son and daughter in law told us they were offered (and turned down) "carbon credits" when they had purchased their airline tickets to Arizona.

"Carbon credits?" "What is that?" I naively inquired. My husband proceeded to fill in the gaps in my current event vacuum in that Al Gore has made millions off of his carbon credit program.....The guilt freeing program that supposedly plants trees and saves the earth with a percentage of each credit purchased each time one such selfish person indulges in using unmerited energy. Tell me, I wonder, what exactly is different from the medieval selling of indulgences by the Catholic church to relieve one of past sins and grant forgiveness based upon how much you could cover with each dollar?

We are walking down a serious road of error if we believe all the "save the earth" dogma out there today. It may sound innocent and even responsible to be environmentally minded but watch out, some devastating consequences come out of such deception. Worldviews are blatantly exposed when talk of envirnmentalism is spoken.

(They exchanged the truth for a lie and worship creation instead of the

Stephanie (my daughter in law) writes on another serious consequence of being swayed by environmental thinking, only buying carbon credits will never help overcome these painful outcomes. Check out her article here for some of the outcomes of believing the lie that we are overpopulating the earth.