Tuesday, January 29, 2008

It's so great to see all of you visiting my blog and posting comments on my bloggy giveaway post. Welcome. I feel like I should be offering you all a cup of tea. If you are a committed bloggy giveaway enterer, (is that a word?) pop over to my daughter in law's blog, Keeper of the Home for some really good giveaways as well. I just might enter myself..if she'll let me.

Bloggy Giveaway


This is my first official bloggy giveaway. I have chosen a book that I have come across recently by best selling author, Jordon Rubin. His newest book is hot off the press and is called "Perfect Weight America, ...change your diet, change your life, change your world."
It includes recommendations for what foods to eat and which ones to avoid, and delicious fat burning recipes. (Who couldn't stand to loose 5 lbs at least?)

If you have never participated in a bloggy giveaway before, this is how it works. Just post a comment to this post, anything (nice) will do, and you will be automatically entered for the free draw. Be sure to leave some kind of a method for me to contact you if you won, email at least, and I'll let you know. I will be drawing on February 1st so expect an email on the 1st or 2nd-if you win! Open to all residences of USA and Canada. Happy giveaway fun.