Monday, March 9, 2009

These are a few of my favorite things.. I mean... books

I just finished watching the Sound of music with my grandchildren so I guess that tune is just on my mind.  Also on my mind is the need to focus and clarify in a few urgent areas  in the next while. All of these books I highly recommend. 

Here goes! 
Nourishing Traditions:  The Cookbook that Challenges Politically Correct Nutrition and the Diet Dictocrats focuses on probiotics, soaked grains, raw dairy and grass fed beef. This is an excellent Kitchen Handbook.

To compliment and enhance the soaked grains portion of Nourishing Traditions, Sue Gregg cookbooks are awesome  She teaches and give recipes for  how to make overnight blender pancakes, muffins and other breakfast the cereal grain products. Click here for her website and info on all her other great cookbooks listed below.
Wholefoods cooking
Main Dishes
Meals in Minutes
Soups and Muffins
Lunches and Snacks
and more

Homeschooling Titles
Upgrade: 10 Secrets to the Best Education for Your Child
One of the best books on Homeschool principles and philosophy  
Kevin Swanson believes that a successful education is achieved when a child is prepared to make maximal use of his God-given talents and abilities in the accomplishment of the child's calling. With great passion, he writes a series of 10 principles for achieving the best education for our children in his new book Upgrade: 10 Secrets to the Best Education for Your Child Swanson's list of "10 Time-Tested Secrets for a
Successful Education" are:
1. The preeminence of character
2. Quality one-on-one instruction
3. The principle of protection
4. The principle of individuality
5. The routing in relationships
6. The principle of doing the basics well
7. The principle of life integration
8. Maintaining the honor and mystique of learning
9. Build on the right foundation
10. The principle of wise, sequential progression
This may be added to my all time favorite list for great
Homeschool visionary books.

Current events or financial preparation

If you feel insecure at all of the current economic climate this book may just get you out of the "panic of the inevitable" and motivate you into action. The first several chapters are how we got ourselves in this mess and the last 1/3 of the book  tells you how to equip yourselves and how to even profit from the crash.  What I found most interesting was that Larry Burkett predicted this very crash and the exact reasons for it 25 years ago in The Coming Economic Earthquake Too bad he is no longer with us on earth as I think he deserves an "I told you so."  Read Crashproof and pass it on!

PS Watch some of his you tube videos. Start here on Dr. Mercolas site and then follow more Peter Schiff videos on Youtube. 

Wasn't the great depression just an accident, non preventable, inevitable? You have been taught that all your life in the media and through modern day politically correct textbooks. The great depression was a necessary correction in the market but exasperated and deeply prolonged by President Roosevelt due to various stimulus packages that stymied the economy. Doesn't that sound remarkably like today's political philosophies? This is a short but gripping revelation as to very real possibility of history repeating itself.  Available through our book selling division of our business on (go to the used listings  and see our book name "GrandmaToAbby") but you will have to pay $4.00 shipping in addition to the book price.  If you email me and purchase through Paypal I will not charge you shipping at all! I want you and your whole family- especially your teenagers-to read this book!

What is your favorite books on your passionate topics?  I am always looking for a good read and recommended books!

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