Sunday, May 11, 2008

Thank You for Making Me a Mother!

My grandmother used to come to visit us every year or two when I was growing up and she frequently seemed to be visiting on her Birthday in August. She always did something that was rather confusing to me as a child. On HER birthday, she gave everyone ELSE presents.

That gave me an idea!

This Mothers Day, I want to give my children a gift, a blessing to show my gratitude to you (my children) for making me a mother.

I was born a woman (female), choice made me a wife, but I became a mother when I gave birth. Yes, some in the more modern world might say it too was a choice, but I call it destiny. Each child has a purpose and placed in time for HIS purpose by God. And more importantly never is any child an "accident."

I have had the privilege of raising four precious children. Each one has touched me and made me a different person. Each one created for me different challenges and many, many times I would fall on my face (knees) and cry out for wisdom knowing full well I could not do this alone. Many times I would have the victory and many times I failed. My self centered nature would rule and my flesh dominated when it should not have. But what do hope to have taught you all is that you too will need God's grace in your life as well, as you too will fail! Cry out to HIM as you are raising your precious ones. You cannot do this alone!

Ryan, my son, my champ. My sweet boy, so seeking approval and so tender hearted in his love for his Mommy. You softened my heart and opened it full to the sensitive nature that you have been given. You are the first part in the matching set of boy and girl twins- my pride and joy. You have grown up and are tall and a man and I'm so proud of you. You actively love your wife and lead your family gently, with wisdom and firmness. You weathered the storm in your health with a stature that I'm sure I would not have.

Thank you for being a good example (most of the time) for your brothers. They look up to you and admire you and you have modelled for them manly leadership in your home.

I love your convictions. I love the theocratic conversations that we have had and I know I can bounce things off you knowing that you will give me full hearing and that you will offer advice based on earned truth and your wisdom.

Thank you for giving me Stephanie, another daughter (we have so much in common!) and to top that off, you both have given me two beautiful grandchildren. Abbie is the light of my life, and Caden is quickly becoming an image of the memories I had of you as a baby.

Amy Joy, the second half of my pride and joy. How I loved having a daughter. Some of the best memories I have of you growing up is you always being in the the kitchen with me, chopping and talking, stirring and chatting. You always seemed to be there and I miss you terribly. I respected your advice on color and style and you were the one I could depend on to be a girl in a house full of boys. (not that that was all that bad) Your sweet nature shines and I love your love for your husband. I delight in seeing you love and raise your sweet baby boy. What fun. What delight to see him challenge you and to see you rising to the call and practicing the art of motherhood.

Thank you for loving your brothers so much. You are looked up to and respected by one tall brother and two getting taller brothers.

Thank you for giving me Tim, another son in a long line of boys. (and I love it) He is so dedicated to his family and I feel relief and trust in his care and manly protection of you and your children. Thank you, Tim for being a man in a man-absent culture.

Jonathan, my sweet tender boy. I saw a drawing of a little curly tussle headed two year old boy and my heart filled with desire to have you. You are that boy, (curls and all) sweet, tender and kind. You used to twirl your curly hair around your finger until it got stuck, and you used to jump off your top bunk at three years old, and then increasing numbers of stairs and who knows what else if we weren't looking. And yet your heart is tender and your ability for relationships is well formed. Your grasp of scriptural principles is good and I love your wit.
Your art and vision with wood is wonderful and I love all the wood presents I have and will be receiving.

I love seeing you love your "little" brother, who was gift for you. You compliment each other well.

I am praying for God's choice for your life companion and one day will have to give you up to her....not without a gentle fight)

Graydon Isaac William, the tiny little baby with the long name. I delighted in seeing you tucked in the corner of the couch as a two week old baby on Christmas day, always checking to see if you were alright. Another beautiful baby boy, and for Christmas! How I loved you. And how quickly you learned to compete with your brother....and how you got into things... like Vaseline!
You are self motivated and love learning and love making up games. I love your sense of humor and find it amazing that we choose the name Isaac, which means laughter for you truly make me laugh!Thank you for being my son and being who you are. (Hug your Mawther!)

I am praying for your future help meet as well. Develop vision for your life, my son and she will compliment you well. I will not give you up without a fight either. She is going to have to be someone pretty good!

Some children come into our lives for only a short time and we share in their struggle for life but it ends prematurely. We would not have planned that short life but the pain and grief of that loss touches us and we will never be the same again.

To my sweet little girl, Jenny. You will always be in my heart. A year and a half was way too short but oh, how you changed my life! When I get to heaven I will be looking for you. Please look for me. I want to hold you again. I want to see you healed and happy and a beautiful young woman! Will I recognize you?

It took me a while to realize that you were the completion of the five children that had in my heart. You were first but, I had not counted backwards till recently.

Thank you, my children for making me a mother. I love you and pray for you and I give you a charge now to carry the baton. Don't drop it, but carry it on and pass it well until we (together) complete a 200 year plan of Godly redemption in our family line. Remember, you are now raising your grandchildren, while your children are young, so walk accordingly.

Go ahead and make me a Mom and Pop Herd! (if you do not know what I mean-ask me!)

Where did I learn to be a Mother? From my Mother, of course. So this is also an honor for my Mother this Mother's Day. "Thanks, Mom." You really taught me how through example and though words of wisdom. I learned so much from you. (and still do)

Have a great day everyone!
Janet, Mom, Mommy, Grandma