Friday, February 29, 2008

Government as our New Religion?

I love homeschooling. One of the many reasons I love it and believe in it so much is that I have gotten a truly renewed mind and firt time education from teaching my own children.

Yesterday we were reading in one of my favorite book series, The Uncle Eric books by Richard Maybury, specifically, Whatever Happened to Justice? from Bluestocking Press. Today, since our laws are such a tangled mess and are based on political law (contrived - made up based on someone's ideas at the time, instead on common law (discovered law based on logic and moral sense) we as a society have created a new religion. Chapter 18 brings out an interesting point. He says,
"A major requirement for successful investing is the constant awareness that there is a new religion in the world. The god of this new religion is government and the ritual the worshipers perform is legislation. Faith in this new religion is deep and profound. The worshippers are convinced their god can solve almost any problem, if only the right legislation can be performed.

Legislators have become priests, and capital buildings have become temples. I remember visiting the capitol building in Sacramento. The interior resembles a cathedral. I had the strangest compulsion to keep my head bowed, to speak in whispers, and kneel!"

This new religion is so popular you could probably make a strong case that it is replacing the old religions.
Having just come from Washington, DC and toured what was described as the most important building in the world, The Capitol Building I fully understand his compulsion. I have never seen such magnificence, splendor and holy meaning in the statues and art work in the capitol. Certainly no church or temple of today is built with such respect and magnificence. The grand honors to God in buildings are of the past, the middle ages at least. Today, the new temples? Government buildings.

Hmmm,a thought worth contemplating and mulling over some more.