Wednesday, January 23, 2008

"Dear Elliot" - 99 Balloon Salute

Many tears flowed when I viewed this precious video. How bittersweet this life can be, and yet knowing from whence we came and to where we go makes bitter and sad parting just a time of longing to see our precious loved ones again.

Sweet remembrances of my own sweet Jenny, born with trisomy 21 and a congenital heart defect, flood back to my memory through the tears. She was taken home after only a short year and a half of her life with us here on this earth.

I'll bet you are playing with Elliot right now! Miss you so much sweetie!


Anonymous said...

I have just seen your beautiful son on Oprah and I can not tell you how much you have touched me. You both are an inspiration and I know Elliot is looking down with excitement about his new baby sister or brother who is about to be born. God bless you both. Regards, Sally Toronto, Ontario, Canada

casey said...

I am speechless. What an amazing family!!! So inspiring to others!


casey said...

What a blessing! Such a courageous family! Inspiring to others! Beautiful touching!!!

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Dear Strong Parents
I can empathize fully (probably more than others) as I lost my darling baby girl last year in October due to NEC complications. My husband and I visited her regularly at the ICU unit for 3 months while we took turns waiting with my son (5 years old) in the waiting area (he was not allowed inside the ICU ward).
While she was at the ward we always wondered whether she was going to make it through and the day she arrived home most of our doubts vanished. She was home for just one month and one night she just took a turn for the worst. I will never forget those glassy eyes looking at me when we were called in to confirm that the heart monitor was flat (standard procedure at the hospital) and every now and again I am overcome with grief all over again.
We are being very strong and trying to be the same happy-go-lucky people we once were for the sake of my son. I know that he is lonely being the only child but he tells me not to have another baby as God might take her away too!
I am so glad to see that you are having another child and pray that all goes well. Maybe someday I will find the same strength to have another child as well.
Best of luck!
Malini Mahabeer (South Africa)

Janet Langford, said...

Oh My Sweet Malini, Go ahead and have another child! There is risk in giving birth, risk in loving, risk in hoping, but to never have risked is to never have loved at all. I risked three more pregancies after the loss of my sweet baby girl, my first born child, and had a beautiful healthy set of boy and girl twins next and two more wonderful amazing boys after that. Now that they are grown (my last one is 16)I wish I had risked more.

That grief may never go away completely. I still cry very quickly when hearing of anothers similar loss.... and it has been 30years! Tears are both a comfort and a symptom of loss. I will never be the same again, having had my sweet baby girl for that year and a half. But that wound changes us, humbles us and keeps things in perspective. I never took for granted that life that was growing inside me. I knew what could happen, but it didn't.

My grief doesn't overwhelm me anymore but the fact that is is still there is a sweet reminder that I have some waiting for me in Heaven. I anticipate seeing her again and expect my sorrow to be exchanged into rejoicing.

May Gods grace will be with you as you contemplate another baby someday. It may even be part of your healing.

Bless you my dear. I cry with you during this time of sorrow. It will ebb and flow but that is ok. Let it and you will heal enough to risk again.

My prayers for you at this time.

Janet Langford
Mother of four grown children,
grandmother to three,
soon to be five!
(with more coming someday, I hope)

Anonymous said...

god bless the both of you