Friday, February 6, 2009

20 Great Reasons to Homeschool

This may be a little small to read so if you actually cannot read it go to this link, scroll down to the color version and it will be large enough to read. (for some reason I could not get the image larger)  In fact, once you are at the source, go ahead and  pass the image on in your blog or emails. You will be participating in something called "viral advertising!" 
Go for it Jim! 

PS Notice I changed the title to- 20 Great Reasons TO Homeschool. For those of us who already do educate at home these are familiar reasons. For those that do not (yet) these are just extra tidbit reasons in addition to the real intent of home discipleship because we all know none of us started homeschooling so our kids so they could wear their pajamas to school or so they could sleep in on rainy days! Some days are hard but I would NEVER have it any other way!
Living a lifestyle of learning daily!

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