Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Mother Culture- I Love Being a Woman.

Today was an unusual day. We did not do much school work at all: just didn't have time, but we did enjoy a rich education. In preparation for the upcoming Christian Heritage and Family Discipleship Conference in which my boys were singing in the chorale, we all sat at the piano and plunked out parts. I'm not at all very good at reading music anymore. I used to love and live for band class where I became very proficient in a couple of brass instruments. But that was so long ago, and without much practice my music reading abilities have gone down hill. But nevertheless we all sat around and laughed, and prodded, and lifted our voices in praise in some really great hymns of the faith.

Later, after dinner was in the crock pot, Graydon (15) and I went out to Value Village to find a white long sleeve shirt and a black bow tie, standard fare for the performances. I figured the shirt would be easy but as I suspected not one bow tie to be found. Oh well, I looks like I will be doing the same as last year when I made my oldest sons tie. I was hoping that I still had black fabric at home along with the red striped bow tie that I will take apart to use the metal clip.

No such forethought.

I did not even have any black fabric but I did have some very, very, dark blue silk that I had planned on cutting off the bottom of my favorite silk blouse that was too long. Ha, it will work! I did not have to go out again! So, after dinner I went upstairs to work on the bow tie, and in short order it was finished. Graydon glowed with pride when I told him that a silk bow tie is extra special! No one else will have a silk bow tie at the chorale! Later in the evening I took one boy at a time and went over some more parts and we laughed and really enjoyed ourselves!

What would our family be like if I worked all day! What if I had 6 loads of laundry to do and had a headache from traffic stress? What if I had to pick up a weeks groceries on the way home, arriving after 7 to start dinner? What if I had chores to line up and homework to check and attitudes to get back in line?

What would it be like? My life would not be rich with Mother culture! Mother culture is the special home type of nurturing and emotional security that only a tender and a loving mother can provide. She is there to do whatever is needed, whenever it is needed. She is flexible, creative, productive and resourceful. All these things add to the culture of the home making it a wonderful place to nurture and raise children.

I am grateful for the priviledge of staying home full time, even though that too has its challenges but I would not want to ever miss out on the wonderful benefits of developing my womanhood and growing the value of mother culture in my family. I know my boys will also want their wives to stay home and be all they can be to serve their families as well.

Life is good when we are doing what God has called us to do. Thank you, Lord for making me a woman; for creating in me a desire to be a homemaker and giving me the ability to do it to the best of my ability.

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Lisa said...

This week we had two different appointments early in the morning. One to take Chelsea to the Iowa Test, and one to take Anthony to an ENT in Texarkana. Both times i had to drag the kids out of bed, throw a quick breakfast at them and rush them out the door before they even had a chance to really wake up. Both days were out of whack and horribly rushed. It really made me glad for the millionth reason that we stay at home. I would not want to go through that every single day of our lives. Instead I get to stay home and enjoy being a mom.