Monday, April 14, 2008

Christian Heritage Home Education and Discipleship Conference.

I cannot wait. The annual Christian Heritage and Family Discipleship Conference is one of the best (homeschool) conferences I have ever attended, and over the past 18 years of educating my children at home, I have attended many conferences. Most of them were very good, instructional and informative but this conference is inspirational. The vision of the Washington State Christian Heritage conference is to inspire home discipleship as the first and foremost priority and after that all other necessary ingredients to a child's successful upbringing (education) will gracefully fall in place. Once this order is put in place, a wonderfully secure home will produce children that will want to stay home with you more than almost anything else in the world. And I'm talking through the teenage years!

If you live close enough or if you will be in the Seattle area next weekend, April 17-19, 2008, please drive, fly or crawl your way to this conference with this years big name speaker Douglas Phillips of Vision Forum. This week I'll be a little tied up serving and helping out so I may not be able to post as much but will definitely once I get a free moment. I know I will want to share the excitement of the moment with you......maybe even a picture or two.

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