Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Congratuations Phillip and Katie Bradrick!

We really, really wanted to go. The wedding was in Louisiana, a mere 3000 miles way. After calculating the cost of 6 people flying, car rentals, and hotels, it was prohibitive. Another way we thought. We'll drive! We mapped out the route, choose stopping points, calculated mileage, but still out of the question. There has got to be another way!.. and there was....well sort of. We did attend A wedding celebration and viewing at the Bryan family home complete with decorations, food and wedding favors. The wedding was viewed via video streaming and was next to the real thing. We were actually quite a rowdy group so it was probably good that we were not at the wedding. I'd say we were akin to a football crowd gathered around a TV on a Saturday afternoon, except that we were all dressed up (after all we were attending a wedding) So here are some of our pictures and the real wedding pictures of Phillip and Katies wedding pictures through the link below. Cheers!

click here!

For the real pictures of the wedding click here.

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