Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A new look-What do you think?

I have been contemplating for some time getting a new look for my blog. Since I'm not very technical I would have to pay someone to do a good job but my son just came across this free background blog site and gave it a whirl on his site GL Highlights

Wow, How easy can you get? So I switched mine as well. I like it but it doesn't do a few things that I would like, like give that scroll down feeling.
(The background stays put while the words move upward)

Does this bother anyone else besides me?

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Anonymous said...

Hi Janet!
Apparently there are a number of Blogs that use this style of decoration (??), many I visit so exactly the same thing. At first it was disconcerting, but is not so any longer. Maybe you will get used to it. Your new look is very pretty!
~Evelyn Mae

Anonymous said...

I don't visit many blogs, so I haven't seen any other like this, so to me it looks like a great look for you. Very nice!
Amy Joy

Pastor H. Schonhaar said...

I used the ad at the top of your blog to pick up a background for my husband's blog. The only problem is that the ad on his blog covers his current blog title. How do I get it to the side like yours?
P.S. He's at