Saturday, May 10, 2008

Give Your Children a Gift this Mother's Day!

When my grandmother was alive she did something every year on her birthday that confused me as a young child. On HER birthday, she gave everyone else presents!

What a great idea! (More on this later in Sunday's Post)

This Mothers Day, I give you applause, Moms for being that selfless person that is always there, nurturing, praying and guiding your children. No, we are not perfect and far more times than not we do blow it. But getting up again is our second nature because even after we blow it we still have sweet children to keep raising, and their forgiveness seems to motivate us on.

When my children were young we went though a phase of turning eveything into an acrostic. I remembered that time when I came across this poem for Mother FOR our children. (I may just use this poem as a model to create one individual poem for each of my children)

M- Is for Multi-tasking. Though our hands are always busy, we always listen to you.

O - Is for Overworked. We've got a lot to do - for you! - so it's OK and good when you kids pitch in without being asked.

T - Equals Task-master. We make you work because we love you!

H - Heart of the home...that's us! Keep us happy and everyone's happy.

E - We're Exciting!!! We try to make life and learning interesting, even when it's long division.

R - We Remember everything wonderful about you, our kids, even when you're being "little beasts" and not living up to who we know you are. We remember, no you're our kids, and we love you!!

Hats off to you, MOMs. Keep up the good and faithful work. Never be weary in well doing for there is a reward in heaven for you if you faint not! (my paraphrase-the best way I remember scripture principles.)
Have a great Mother's Day!

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