Sunday, April 20, 2008

That's my son!

The Christian Heritage Conference was amazing. We are all exhausted from a wonderfully inspiring weekend with hundreds (1300+) of fellow homeschool families. The speakers were incredible. The location was perfect and the performances were excellent. My hats off to the wonderful board of home educating families that serve the Lord though the ministry of this conference and other events that you serve in so expertly. You know an event was executed perfectly when it comes off without a hitch. They make it look so easy! It is a pleasure knowing you all.

Oh and...there he is, do you see him? The tall handsome young man in the front row....that is my son! Forgive me my maternal pride , but I think he sang the best!
(Actually both of my sons are in this picture but I could not catch my oldest sons head out from behind the guy in front of him. He is directly behind Graydon, up three rows, and over to the right one person.... completely behind someone's ones head.)

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