Monday, March 17, 2008

We have just returned from a wonderful family trip up north to see our two married children and their families just over the Canadian border. It is always such a delight for me as a mom and grandma to visit my children and to see the newest developments in Abbie (3) and the two babies, Caden, 10 months, (Ryan and Stephanies second), and Gabriel, 7 months, (Tim and Amy's first) I had a great time just watching and holding my two babies learn new things and progress in their development. How I miss them all.
Caden- a spittin' image of his Daddy at that age-(My son) He is 10 months now and really cutting some sharp teeth but we did manage to get some smiles out of him this time.
Gabriel ( 7 months) is a going concern. He never stops moving, ever. Even if it is just his hands or his feet while nursing. Whenever he is not so preoccupied he is rolling and twisting and just about crawling. He has a lovely smile but he just kept hidding it that day.

Okay, enough boasting in my grandchildren. Back to work on a really good post coming up next!

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Lisa said...

what wonderful pictures of your grandchildren!