Monday, February 4, 2008

Notebooking is for Mom, too!

I am still wrapping up a few leftover projects that I had planned for January and I have just finished another one. Yeah. It feels so good to get on top of one more task. One of the annoyances that I've had over the last few years is that my binder of favorite recipes was over stuffed and very inefficient. I could not find certain recipes when I needed them and it was embarrasing when a family member wanted a copy of a family favorite. I knew I had to separate the book into several books and categories and this is how I did it.
I have on hand several extra thick clearview binders-small size. I also have on hand a collection of funny or sweet pictures from magazines and keep them in a file for notebooking or for journals. My collection served the purpose well as I could find relevant pictures for each catagory that I needed. Then I "scrapbooked" the inserts for the covers and spines.
This binder is obviously Main Dishes with tabs marked: red meat, meatless, soups and stews,
poultry, eggs, fish, barbeque and gravy and sauces.

Bread, Muffins, Cakes and Desserts.

Inside tabs include:

cookies and squares

muffins, cakes and quick breads

bread, sweet rolls, pizza dough

pie crusts

desserts and toppings

jams and spreads

granola, pancakes, waffles, breakfasts foods

Salad, Veggies, Dressings and Spice Mixes
Tabs include,

vegetable dishes

dressings, sauces and dips,

spice mixes,

pickles and preserves

This is my Household Management binder which contains Cleaning plans, schedules and requirements, family budget, menu planning, future major purchase list, laundry and cleaning tips, recipes for bug repellant, bone china price lists, food suppliers, furnace filter size and type (this is important when you move often enough to forget what size you need without pulling the filter out each time) etc, everything that is household related.

I haven't officially named this book yet but temporarily it contains all raw food recipes. I may keep this a separate book permanently just so I can find all raw ideas and recipes quick and easily (rather than including each food type in it's own binder.

Seasonal and Special Occasion is a regular size binder (Not small like the other ones shown) that I keep all sorts of seasonal craft ideas, articles, poems and decorating ideas. It is the larger size because I include many magazine articles, etc, usually too big for the 9X9 size)Tabs include

New Years/Winter.
March, St Pat's/
Mother's Day
Father's Day
July Aug/Vacation ideas
Shower/birthday ideas

This is the other half of the above Seasonal and Special Occasions binder containing all the favorite recipes for each special seasons in the year. I include all of the above tabs and include-birthday (cakes, present ideas, and party foods in general)

And here is the spine shot of them all lined up ready to go in the cupboard. Easy to use, easy to find and easy to add to - The epitomy of notebooking. And we thought that notebooking was only for school subjects!

Tomorrow I'll be posting on the most important weight loss, weight managment tool a health minded person has. And it is free! (no monetary cost)
Any guesses?


The Happy Homeschoolmom said...

This is something I really need to do, especially with recipes as all of mine are stuffed in a drawer (it takes forever to find what I am looking for) On the subject of notebooking, I found a great site yesterday
Have you seen it yet? They have several articles about notebooking and also many free notebooking pages that you can print out.

Janet Langford, said...

Geting my recipes all in one place Or several binders) and organized has been a tremendous weight off my shoulders! Somehow we underestimate the negative influence of mess and disfunction. I do love to organize-maintaining may be another thing.

Thanks for this great site, Lisa. It really is a good one. There are a lot of good notebooking sites out there now. It makes it all the more easy and without excuse, expecially for our girls who tend to take to notebooking a little more naturally than boys do. (at least mine anyway)

As a child I did quite a bit of notebooking as well, but of course we didn't know to call it that back then. One of my delight directed studies and current events was the collection of anything to do with the Apollo 11 space mission to the moon: newspaper articles, facts, drawings, details, etc. Oh to have that to show my kids now but atlas, not enough forsight again!

I may do further posts on notebooking ideas in the future.