Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Water, Water Everywhere, But We Are Not Drinking a Drop of It!

What an evening! I just had the awesome privilege of hearing live a wonderful speaker and health food advocate Jordon Rubin, author of New York Time's Best Seller, The Maker's Diet. He is on a 40 week speaking tour around the country starting in San Diego and ultimately ending back in San Diego again promoting his newest book, Perfect Weight America. He was enjoyable, entertaining and very informative. He definitely has a mission and purpose in life and I think He WILL be successful.

His mantra, Change your diet- Change your life - Change your world. His goal is to the see America educated and losing weight, a mission that I think is timely and highly necessary.

One of his many methods for attaining our ideal weight was the simplest and cheapest of all and yet we are not doing it. ....the drinking of water, plain water, purified water, (not tap water) every day.

If you have a headache, drink 8 oz of water, 10 min later drink another 8.
If you remember your headache 10 min later then try something herbal but chances are you won't have to.

If you are hungry, drink water. Most of the time instead of thinking we are hungry we are actually thirsty.

If you are tired, drink water. Water is the ultimate energizer.

If you have allergies, don't take an antihistamine. Antihistamines are designed to dilute the histamines, right? Why not dilute those histamines naturally with plain, safe and cheap water! It works! (From experience I can say that if you realy drink a lot of water when you get an alergy attack, the symptom will get temporarily worse as the dilutions starts to occur. Hang on it gets better soon)

If you are depressed, drink water, the natural serotonin carrier.

Don't drink coffee to wake up in the morning - drink water. It's surprising how awake you will be quite quickly as water hydrates and primes the engines for the days work.

If you crave carbs, drink water. It will speed up your digestion and make carb metabolism more effective.

If you are overweight, drink water. Only water is the perfect fluid replacement to regulate body temperature, carry nutrients and oxygen to the cells, cushion joints, protect organs and tissues, remove toxins and maintain strength and endurance. Studies show that your metabolism will speed up by 30%. Water hydrates your cardiovascular system, irrigates your digestive track and helps to eliminate waste products.

Okay, okay, enough already? "How much do I have to drink?"

It's really quite simple and based on your present body weight. Drink 1/2 oz per pound of body weight, every day. So if you are 150 lbs you need 75 oz of water daily, (and if you are short one day you need to try to make up that shortfall the next day)If you exercise, you need more water daily.

The first step to a new you in 2008 is get healthy, America. I will be watching Jordon's tour with interest as I think he may have a significant impact through this coming year. If the standing room only talk he did tonight was any indication of the growing awareness and desire to make some positive changes, I believe he may well have to book larger venues as the year progresses. See his website for a free online coaching program.
For tour dates and locations see the partial list that I expect will updated as venues open.


LISA said...

I noticed that you talk a lot about drinking pure water in your blog...what type of filtration system do you use, and what can you recommend for families on a budget?

Janet Langford, said...

You have a very good question Lisa. There is lots of debate between distilled water, purified water (reverse osmosis) and spring water believers. This is such a deep question that I think I will address a whole post it that subject. No matter what type of water you choose, teaching and training your children to drink water is one of the single best things you can do for their health. I will probably post it tonight or tomorrow. Thanks for the idea!