Thursday, January 31, 2008

NATURAL flavor enhancers - real spices and herbs.

Yesterday, I researched and wrote a lengthy post about the dangers of the chemical additive-MSG. If you did like I did and rummaged through your whole house on a MSG witch hunt and got discouraged with every additive find, I thought I'd encourage you with a recipe that I have been using for some time that is a wonderful flavor boost-naturally. It is a spice mix that I mix myself from bulk organic herbs that I get from Azure Standard or Mountain Rose Herbs.

Believe me, you will get rave reviews whatever you add it to and on how great a cook you are becoming!

To mix a large amount (which I do regularly because I use it so much) in a bowl or large spice container mix

6 T (Tablespoon) Celtic salt(regular sea salt is fine but not as healthy for you (future post)
6 T sweet Paprika
6 T dried oregano leaves
6 T dried thyme leaves
3 T garlic powder
3 T onion powder
3 T black pepper
3 T turmeric powder (Excellent anti cancer properties)
3 T chilli powder
a little cayenne powder depending on how hot you like it.(Maybe a 1/4-1/2 of a teaspoon)
Shake all this together and store in an airtight container. This does tend to clump together over time (moisture in the Celtic salt) so if it does it is helpful to shake the bottle well and maybe stir it with a fork before use.

Add to soups and stews, scrambled eggs, and just about any meat dish:

I chop up our organic red meat into strips, coat with seasoning mix and fry till cooked. I then use this in stir fries and crock pot fare.

Also adding liberally to the crock pot when you do a roast along with a can of Thai organic coconut milk is very easy quick and delicious! I also have coated chicken thighs exclusively in this spice mix (shake and bake style) and this recipe has come to be called in our house "spicy chicken."

If I do not want to knock people off their feet with strong flavor (but wonderfully strong) I will grind up dry roasted sunflower seeds, grind them to a powder and mix half and half with spicy mix and this is delicious also. Be sure to roll and roast the chicken pieces in healthy coconut oil for a crisp and flavorful crust.

Coating homemade french fries and oven roasting in a coconut oil coating with this mix is yummy too. Great for hot lunch on a cold day.

That's all I can think about right now. (I may remember in the middle of the night what else I do with this versatile spice mix and run downstairs and add a few other ideas (sorry, I'm too heavy a sleeper for that)

In the next few days I'm going to divulge what I found in my pantry, fridge, and medicine cabinet with the offending ingredient. (blush)

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