Monday, January 28, 2008

Just enjoy your kids!

We awoke this morning to a bright and beautiful winter wonderland. We do not get snow much in here Seattle, WA, but when we do it is so pretty. Graydon and I went out for walk today to enjoy the pond ducks just up the street from us. We love to laugh at the ducks scrambling, slipping and slidding all over the ice when ever we get too close.

Graydon got a little cold in the icy temperatures. He claimed his head was freezing! He does tend to exaggerate a little!

And then....he claimed his head snapped off!
Kids these days!

A wise woman just said to me one day, "just enjoy your kids, they will not be with you forever, cherish each and every moment" no matter how corny!

You gotta love the kid!


Stephanie said...

We got snow like that this morning too! Jonathon and Abbie are out playing as we speak- first they wrote "I love you" in the snow for me to look at from the living room window, and now they're working on a fort. So much fun!

Janet Langford, said...

It's great having an "older brother" around to play with Abbie, isn't it? I love the snow, but I only like looking at it. Playing in it lasts about 5 min for me.