Thursday, January 24, 2008

How to save HUNDREDS of dollars per year.

One of the ways that I have learned to economize over the years is by cutting my own children's hair. I've done it so long now, I had no idea what it actually cost these days for a man's haircut. Apparently $20.00 is average here in Seattle, so I based my savings calculations on this amount. (see end of post for more details)

It helps greatly to have a home hair cut kit but you can do without. It will just take a whole lot longer and it probably won't be as good a job. We have a Sunbeam razor and it works great. We also use two very old cheap shower curtains. One as a drop sheet under the chair and another as a shoulder cover. Clean up is very quick and efficient.

Start with a victim, um, model to "practice" on, (just kidding) and follow this simple plan. I use the longest attachment and it actually cuts quite short. I start by buzzing or shaving from the back up. Move along to the top and continue till all is done except the very front hairline.

You may have to endure "Are we done yet?" half way through!

Then cut the front hair the exact length that you want it to be finished.

Then you will need to pull the front hair up and cut off the longest hairs that will even out the front tapered look. Otherwise you'd have a ridge (or bump) of uncut hair. (Alternately you could just shave the whole head-it just seems a little too short in the front to look professional)

Take the length adaptor off and with the bare razor shave the sides to be nice and even.

And shave the back neck area.

And you are done. It takes me about 10 -15 min per person including clean up time and your children will thank you profusely,.. well, at least, "Thanks mom" will do. I have cut all three of my boys hair over the years and cannot possibly account for the savings accrued, but just calculating my two boys at home now, and my husband (yes, he lets me cut his hair too,) based on a hair cut every 6 weeks at $20.00 each. That's an average of 8 cuts per year per person times 3 equals....drum roll.... approximate savings of $480.00 per year.

AND I have not even calculated in how much I save by cutting my own hair. Yes, this can be done. It isn't as hard as it may sound. It just takes some practice. The hardest part is taking pictures of this procedure so I may not try. Based on approximately 6 cuts per year (every two months?) at only $25.00 per cut (a rough estimate?) looks like an additional savings of $150.00.

Totalling all that up, there is a potential savings of $630.00! All with the use of a 25.00 hair razor and a good sharp pair of scissors. NOT BAD.


The happy homeschool mom said...

What a great way to save money! I can't believe he let you post his pictures!

Janet Langford, said...

I am a little surprised as well. I think the novelty of seeing himself on the internet distracted his attention and he didn't think of protesting. (Does he have any idea of how many people are seeing his half done hair cutting episode? Shhh! Don't tell him)