Monday, January 21, 2008

Camera Advice Anyone?

That's it. My camera has died. Well, I cannot complain. My son got it at a garage sale for two dollars about two years ago. It really did take good pictures so I was happy with the good buy and the results. (The rechargeable batteries inside were worth more than two dollars!) But all good things eventually come to an end and this is it.

Can anyone tell me what features you really love on your camera, what kind (brand) you have and why. I feel like I'm swimming in a world of techno-information and they all look alike to me. I have one shot to get the best buy, and the best features. Any tips or recommendations?

PS, The picture above....I used to sell this type of camera in the camera department of a general store that I worked in in my teenage years!!! Does that let you in on why I feel overwhelmed with the techno-gyberish of today?!

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